Founder/Intuitive Reader/Prophetic and Dream Practitioner/Instructor in Intuitive Gifts 

Melody is an intuitive teacher, speaker, prophetic voice, and night dream practitioner/instructor. Her desire is to see you step into your original design by hearing Creator's heart and intent for your life, and to launch you into spiritual and natural destiny. She travels nationally and internationally spreading fresh vision of Creator's love to seekers of truth in all sorts of gatherings, as well as one on one. Feel free to invite her. Her personal website is Her down to earth qualities facilitate her acute gift for awakening personal gifts in people through practical guidance. Melody's instructions, resources, and personal work with individuals can help you comprehend how to participate in Creator's true plans for your life. Visit her author page at Amazon


Intuitive Reader/Instructor

Sherry is an inspirational speaker and teacher, and her enthusiasm spills over into her readings and writings. She will encourage you in discovery of your true self, where you can do much more than just exist, but rather run with purpose and endurance the journey before you. For decades, with individuals in private settings, she has listened to Creator’s voice to affirm each one's amazing attributes and remove any hindrances that might restrict full expression. She is a graduate and past Director of Now, Interpret This Online School of Prophetic and Dream Studies. She has shared hundreds of readings with individuals, both online and in person. She is an author of three children’s books on dreams, which can be purchased at   


Intuitive Reader 

Pauline is a highly gifted reader. She seeks Spirit for His truest heart for others. Her heart is to help others find their flow. Her desire and passion is to spread the love that He has for all individuals. She receives and gives illumination of the gifts and talents that are in people. She will help highlight the elements that you were created for and aid you in your search for destiny.  


Dream Interpretation Pracitioner

Jill is an experienced and strong practitioner in the craft of Dream Interpretation. She is an active coach in interpretation and helps individuals see the hidden nuggets in their dreams. She is the Freestyle Dream Director in an intuitive school for dream interpretation. She has been interpreting for many years and is highly well read in the metaphors of dream language. She has an astute gift of seeing what's operating in your life through dreams, even when there are hidden elements that evade the light. She brings the joy and healing of seeing the truth and bringing liberty in that knowledge. 


Dream Interpretation Practitioner

Darla is a skilled interpreter that has an eye for the good in all dreams. She is Dream Director of a school for spiritual gifts in dream interpretation, and helps to train individuals in their innate understanding of dreams. She will often take what might seem like a frightening or unappealing story line and transform it into a clear message that gives you needed steps to take to gain personal emotional freedom and well being. Her heart to see individuals walk out the healing they need is what drives her astute interpretations. 


Intuitive Healing Practitioner/Artist

Alice's passion is for the viewer of her artwork, is to experience peace, hope, joy, and wholeness as you engage. After degrees in biology, chemistry and occupational therapy, the artistic side of her demanded a larger voice. She later studied in Italy and was greatly influenced by the instructors and fellow classmates that she encountered there, as well as the cultural heritage and beauty. 



 Intuitive Intercessor

Tammy is inspired by her relationship with the Spirit. She has seen in the spirit realm with intuitive insight for many years, and advocates for others to see and hear as well. Tammy’s life is led and directed by her spiritual connection, through dreams, visions, inspirations, and faith. Tammy spends her time with hurting people in her community, be it prison or one on one, she inspires others to seek the Spirit for their own breakthroughs and healing. 


 Frequency Expert

Through Healing Frequencies Music, Del is committed to creating music that enhances cognitive function, heals the emotions, awakens intuition, and engages our senses. She is excited to bring you music that touches the whole person: body, mind, and spirit. Her hope is that you will find peace, internal harmony, and revitalization in these healing frequencies. Most of her music is recorded in A=432 and A=444 concert pitches (to match sounds found in nature and the cosmos). She also records with specific frequencies (such as 713 Hz).