Spiritual Intervention


I will petition for you, calling in blessings, strategic dreams and clarity.

Sold By: Tammy Tannahill


Need an intuitive warrior battling on your behalf in times of turmoil and opposition? Having a dedicated intercessor on your side calling forth favor, resources and breakthrough, can revolutionize your life. Partnering with the intuitive in your life can bring you advanced insight that trumps all conventional wisdom.

How it Works
You will have my dedicated meditative time, focused on the topics and subjects that you share with me. Spiritual Intervention does not mean that I will give advice or instruction. What makes this intercession intuitive in nature, is that I am listening, and releasing to you what I am seeing and hearing for you. I will be asking Creator to give strategy for your life, and I will be asking that He delivers it directly to you, as well. That may happen in a multitude of ways, whether through dreams, revelation, or just dropping things into you. How He chooses to lead you can be unpredictable but rest assured, we do know this… meditative intervention can change things. You will receive an mp3 recording of your Spiritual Intervention by email within 7 business days. My sessions are about 15 minutes long.


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