Spiritual DNA Empowerment

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I intuitively search your original spiritual DNA and share with you what attributes you were created with.

Sold By: Melody Paasch


I search your original design identifying who you are, while revealing possible unknown elements of your spiritual purpose. I look deep into the bloodline to see what gifts and talents are a part of the call upon your family line and generations. You will gain clarity about why you have the characteristics that you were born with and how they are meant to assist in the fulfillment of who you are created to be. You will receive a 30 minute mp3 recording by email within 5-10 business days. You can also email with specific questions if you have them after hearing your data and empowerment.

1 review for Spiritual DNA Empowerment

  1. Kerrie Coulstock

    Discouraged, frustrated and weary, Hubby and I received our first prophetic audio word from Melody in March 2017. The unusual and unique word described a situation that was galaxies from where we sat, financially, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our hearts leapt when Melody used ONE WORD, a word we planned as a name for a business idea that had been continually affirmed but blocked by lack of time and money. We wanted to provide accommodation and mentoring for ex-offenders. We had basically given the whole idea up. Melody described seeing llamas and ostriches and other “very unique animals that may represent very unique people” and a very large property (we have 100 acres) and so many other things that just seemed puzzling and far afield at the time, but that ONE WORD made us hang on. Hubby and I would have our morning cuppa and call in the word, the vision, the dream, before he headed to work at another farm. Our 2nd little farm cottage that we planned to use for the dream was rented. 5 months after receiving the word, one morning we declared, “When the time is right for both the tenant and for us, let her move out” and 90 mins later I had a message saying she had bought her own home and was moving out. Suddenly, instantly, we were on the move. 15 months later and things are accelerating, increasing, and truly the word is being fulfilled before our eyes. I have a printout of the word under my pillow, and as my hubby says, each time we read it something becomes clearer. Thankyou Melody!!

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