Intuitive Readings


I look into your life’s design giving illumination about where you’re headed and the impact of where you’ve been.

Sold By: Sherry Varkonyi


This is a great way to receive clarity and encouragement about your direction.

How to request a reading:
Fill out the information below. It is not necessary to give a history of your life or circumstances to receive a reading. Please do not give me any background information. However, you could briefly state an area of your life that needs direction. Examples might be: Should I stay in my job? Is there a move in my future? What is my next step? You will receive your text reading by email within 3-7 business days.


How to gift a reading:                                                                                        Want to gift a reading to someone you care about for an awesome birthday, a spectacular Christmas or wonderful New Year? Let me send your recipient their email with the reading and a personal message from you, and I’ll also send you a copy!


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