Intuitive Messenger Course


The Intuitive Messenger training lasts for 6 weeks. This is a great experience that prepares you for impromptu moments to release a loving message from Creator anytime, anywhere.

Sold By: Melody Paasch


The Intuitive Messenger training lasts 6 weeks. This is a pretty immersive experience and the time commitment is 5-8 hours a week. Your training is facilitated by phone, and/or web video conversations (depending upon your location).

You’ll gain confidence in tapping into and receiving information from the spirit realm.
You’ll have a safe place to step out and take a risk with instruction.
You’ll learn how to deliver a truthful message in a way that encourages the recipient.
You’ll have anonymous recipients for all your assignments.
You’ll develop much faster with activation than simply reading a book.
You’ll have me to cheer you on and validate you when you doubt your ability.
You’ll very likely go through some healing.
You’ll always have a sounding board.

Whats expected and how that 5-8 hours breaks down:
A one or two hour chunk of time to work on assignments independently each week.
Time to connect with me on the class call each week.
A few minutes per day checking in with me through email in case you have questions.


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