Emotional Clearing Session


I will lead you through clearing of negative roots and emotions to open you up to live a more fulfilling life.

Sold By: Alice Briggs


Do you need emotional and spiritual healing?
Ask Yourself These Questions:
Do you feel that there is something (maybe even yourself) working against you or blocking your pursuit of your goals and dreams?
Do you find that you over-react to some people and situations and it makes no logical sense?
Do you feel frustrated at a lack of freedom from negative events and traumas in your past?

What does a session look like?
We begin the session with checking in with Spirit, asking Creator to guide the session, as only He truly knows what needs to be addressed and how that will bring about the greatest healing. We then follow His lead intuitively throughout the session, bringing increased healing and wholeness to the areas He points out, and utilizing the tools I’ve learned as He leads. I lead you in prayers with The Spirit throughout the session. While it is not necessary for you to believe in Creator God, prayer is the foundation of the work, so a willingness to receive prayer in this manner is necessary. A session is a collaboration between you, Creator, and I. All sessions are facilitated via Skype.


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