Dream Practitioner (Level 1) Course


Learn dream interpretation for yourself and others. You’ll work through several dreams with me, learning to understand what’s really going on and how to speak into a situation to effect change.

Sold By: Melody Paasch


The Dream Pactitioner Course lasts 8 weeks. Your time commitment is 8-10 hours a week, and your training is facilitated by phone, and or web video conversations (depending upon your location). This is a comprehensive level 1 course on interpretation and delivery, with some real challenges and strong outcome. If you are interested in learning how to interpret your own dreams and the dreams of others. This is a great place to begin.

You’ll gain confidence in hearing Spirit’s voice about dream scenarios.
You’ll have a safe place to step out and take a risk.
You’ll learn how to deliver a message in a copacetic manner.
You’ll learn to shift your language to speak with empathy and love for best delivery.
You’ll understand the way Spirit speaks through our sleep and why that’s important.
You’ll experience variations of initial levels of personal healing.
You’ll learn to value the messages that most people overlook, as strategic and beneficial.

Whats expected and how that 8-10 hours breaks down:
A one to three hour period of time to work on your assignment independently each week.
Time to connect with me for class each week.
Time to process through adjustments of your assignment to bring to completion.


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