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We give a very thorough interpretation, summation and Spirit declaration.

Sold By: Jill Ryan



Send your dream to us through the provided form after finding your word count. We are highly insightful and will take the necessary time and care to give you a thorough assessment with a summation for clarity and a life giving declaration. It’s always amazing what is revealed through the activity you have during your sleep. Your interpretation will include an interpreter’s comments, an overall summation of the reason for the dream and a declaration of resolution. Pricing starts at $55.00. We have provided a word calculator link below for your convenience.

How To Send Your Dream For Interpretation
It is not necessary to give any background to receive a dream interpretation. When submitting your dream, please be concise and use punctuation to alleviate confusion. Include important details such as times, dates, names, colors, or directional orientation (N, S, E, W). Please include date and time of dream if you have it. You will receive your interpretation by email within 4-7 business days. Use the word counter for your pricing. Please, only send one dream at a time through the form.

YOUR WORD COUNTER IS THE LINK HERE. 1) Please copy and paste your dream into the box on the word counter page. 2) Make note of the word count at the bottom left. 3) Clear your dream out of the word count box in case autosave is enabled. 4) Come back to this product page. 5) Select word amount in blue box to add to cart and pay in advance. 6) Paste and send your dream content with required information in the form provided below titled “DreamSpeech Dream Interpretation.” Thank you!

Additional information

word counts

0-100, 101-200, 201-300, 301-400, 401-500, 501-600, 601-700, 701-800, 800 and up


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