Dream Healing


Wondering how your dreams can help you with emotional, spiritual, psychological and ancestral healing? The answers are coming as you sleep.

Sold By: Melody Paasch


I’m going to meditate over your designated dream and take sufficient time (usually a couple of weeks) to hear Spirit on all the important aspects of the dream and what He wants to tell me about them. I will make notes and organize all the data in a document for your review. The document will be sent to you via email, so that you have the opportunity to review before our scheduled healing session. We will set a date for your session, which will be a 50 minute appointment where I will walk you through the issues that are revealed in your dream over a Skype or conference call. We will cleanse the areas that come up and redeem the situational circumstances, relationships, time, etc, that are called to my attention. My rate is $200.00 per dream, which includes our Skype or conference session.


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