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There are myriad ways to use your intuitive gift.  Here are our current class offerings.  These are payable by a monthly fee and involve plenty of interaction with our wonderful staff. 

  • Dream Interpretation
  • Prophetic/Intuitive 
  • Business

Learn to tap into the spirit realm and gain confidence in delivering accurate intuitive readings that inspire and bring life to others. 

The Prophetic training program is oversight from Melody Paasch and/or the Prophetic Coaches. This is a pretty immersive experience and the time commitment is 8-10 hours a week. Your training is facilitated by site conversations, phone, and or web video conversations (depending upon your location).

  • You'll gain confidence in tapping into and receiving information from the spirit realm.
  • You'll have a safe place to step out and take a risk
  • You'll learn how to deliver a message in an easier to swallow format
  • You'll develop much faster with team support than with reading books and trying to figure it out on your own.
  • You'll have people cheering you on and validating you when you get into self-doubt.
  • You'll very likely go through some healing
  • You'll always have a sounding board
  • You'll gain a family that prays, supports and is probably as off-beat as you
  • You'll make incredible friendships

Whats expected and how that 8-10 hours breaks down:

  • A one hour chunk of time or two to work on your assignment independently each week
  • Time to connect with your instructor each week
  • A few minutes per day checking in on the school forum and interacting as part of the community
  • Attendance at The Drop In whenever possible (There is 1 per month)

All Interns pay a monthly class cost. There are three intern option packages

  • Mentoring in prophetic/intuitive gifts ($50.00 per month).
  • Mentoring in dream analysis/interpretation ($50.00 per month).
  • Mentoring in both the prophetic and dreams and the seer gifting ($80.00 per month).

Is this where you need to be?  Apply and we'll set up an appointment to talk.

I don't know where else to go and be taught, challenged and loved like Dreamspeech.


Dreamspeech is one of the best things that's ever happened to me. This is the first time in my life that I've felt like I belong. This family gets me. This is a safe place to grow and make mistakes. I still have so very much to learn but looking back on how far I've come during this time with Dreamspeech, I do not recognize the Julie from before. The connections made here are invaluable and irreplaceable. Dreamspeech has played a major role in helping me reach understanding, freedom and healing in so many broken areas.