“Using the intuitive to guide in health, wealth and welfare.”

Dreamspeech Intuitive Center is two fold in nature. First, it is a combined effort representing a variety of people who have developed skills that aid in the areas of emotional and spiritual freedom. There is something here for the whole person, whether that be in the emotions, the spirit, the mind or the soul.

Each associate with Dreamspeech offers encouragement, empowerment and healing for those who are interested in advancement for life’s direction and well being. In some ways, we are an online wellness center, providing opportunity to enter greater levels of your innate ability.

We are also a spiritual incubator. This is a group of highly skilled intuitive individuals who each have extraordinary attributes to bring to the table for the purpose of encouraging the use of your intuitive gifts. They have each taken the time and intentional work to hone their talents, so that they can offer their service to promote a broader understanding of expression of the spiritual aspects within you.